Frequently Asked Questions’s

01What is FCFS?

FCFS stands for First Come First Served. It's a model similar to how seats are allocated on a bus. Whoever arrives first gets a seat, but there's no guarantee you'll get one if the bus is full.

02What is the Child fare policy?

Children 3 years old but below 12 get half tickets. Children above 130 cm or with no age proof will be charged full fare. Single child bookings are not allowed for safety reasons.

03Are standing passengers allowed in stage carriage?

Yes, standing passengers are allowed as per regulations.

04What is a stage carriage?

Stage carriages operate on specific routes picking up passengers at designated stops. Fares are set by the government.

05Are pets allowed inside the buses?

Generally, no pets are allowed on buses.

06What happens if I bring a prohibited item on board?

The bus driver has the right to deny you boarding or remove you from the bus if you have a prohibited item.

07Are there any restrictions on luggage?

Luggage restrictions vary depending on the bus operator. Check the allowance during booking or refer to the operator's website.

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